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CloudGenix's Software-Defined Enterprise WANs

The fledgling company CloudGenix recently emerged from “stealth mode” to reveal Software-Defined Enterprise WAN (SDEwan), a new category of solutions for wide area networking (WAN) and remote office infrastructure for the hybrid cloud and mobile era. SDEwan virtualizes enterprise networks and securely brings together users and high-performance cloud and data-center applications while radically reducing remote office infrastructure requirements. CloudGenix says that its raison d'être is based on the fact that organizations are seeking to manage the complexity that has arisen with the rapid adoption of cloud applications and services, as well as hybrid networks within the enterprise. Enterprises need solutions that not only simplify application access, but also provide innovative ways of delivering network services to distributed enterprise IT assets and infrastructure, adds the company.


Wind River's Security Profile for Wind River Linux

While security-related vulnerabilities grow as more devices become connected and intelligent, Wind River is releasing targeted responses in the form of the new Security Profile for Wind River Linux. Wind River describes Security Profile as a high value add-on software profile for Wind River Linux that delivers new security capabilities to help developers combat against future threats arising from the growth of the Internet of Things. The software offering is certifiable to the Common Criteria General Purpose Operating System (GPOS) Protection Profile up to Evaluation Assurance Level 4 (EAL 4). Key features—including a hardened kernel, secure boot, a security-focused user space and the Yocto Project Compatible Wind River Linux base—seamlessly integrate with validation tools, documentation and hardware support.


Jerome Schaufeld's Commercializing Innovation (Apress)

Commercializing technology is not easy. There are many complicated decisions to make. Which ideas do you pursue? Whom do you hire? Where do you manufacture? Where do you get the capital? Help in answering these and myriad others can be found in the new book Commercializing Innovation: Turning Technology Breakthroughs into Products by Jerome Schaufeld. In the book, Schaufeld—a successful technology entrepreneur and professor of entrepreneurship—offers a step-by-step commercialization process that begins with assessing technology from a variety of sources and ends with taking viable products into the market. Schaufeld's systematic approach, complemented by numerous case studies and models, combines both the theoretical and practical aspects of bringing products to market.


Conrad Barski and Chris Wilmer's Bitcoin for the Befuddled (No Starch Press)

When you see a Craigslist “roommate wanted” listing that says “must be into Bitcoin”, you know it's one of our tribe. In that geek pad, you also will be likely to encounter Conrad Barski and Chris Wilmer's book Bitcoin for the Befuddled, a new, fun and patient introduction to the topic of Bitcoin. The title explores Bitcoin's origins, as well as what it is, how it works, and how to acquire, store and spend Bitcoins safely and securely. Other topics include Bitcoin's underlying cryptographic principles, how new Bitcoins are created, the currency's potential future impact on trade and commerce, the blockchain public ledger, choosing a Bitcoin wallet program, accepting Bitcoins as a payment method, as well as Bitcoin cryptography, mining and programming.


Optek Music Systems, Inc.'s SDK for the Fretlight Guitar

The Fretlight Guitar from Optek Music Systems, Inc., is similar to other high-quality guitars you'll find at a music store, only with one important difference. Each is equipped with built-in LED lights that indicate the fingering positions for chords, scales, songs, riffs and even tablature right under one's fingertips. What's more, the instrument can be connected to a computer for an enhanced experience. The news about the Fretlight that will truly set the geek heart aflutter, however, is the new software development kit, which enables the creation of new, third-party desktop applications that enhance the musical experience. With the new SDK, Fretlight is opening up its interface code so that developers working in C and C++ can write software applications, royalty free, for Linux, Mac or Windows. Optek opines that this new development will lead to a wide range of new consumer applications. With the addition of the Linux Community, the chances are certainly improved.


NetComm Wireless Ltd.'s NTC-6200 Router

Most of the world's mobile operators offer Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services. As the focus in this sector moves beyond simple connectivity to solutions that improve business productivity and efficiency, firms like NetComm Wireless Ltd. are releasing products like the NTC-6200 Router 3G M2M Router Plus. The NTC-6200 series devices, says NetComm, are an array of versatile, intelligent and reliable M2M devices that address universal applications in areas like asset management, security and surveillance, building automation, POS, healthcare and smart city initiatives. The new NTC-6200 series was designed to deliver reliable connectivity and remote management capabilities to ensure that businesses can keep operational costs to a minimum and run their assets efficiently. The embedded Linux OS and SDK facilitate the development of custom software applications, giving users the freedom to create their own custom software applications.


VectorWerks' Vector Cupholder

Think of the new Vector Cupholder from VectorWerks as a low-cost insurance plan for your device collection. This new product neatly solves the problem of where to put a beverage safely when most of your workspace is occupied by your computing equipment, papers and books. The Vector Cupholder solves this dilemma by taking the beverage off the workspace altogether. The Vector Cupholder securely grips table edges as thick as 1.5" (3.8cm) and holds a wide assortment of containers—from a huge, liter-sized trenti to a small airplane cup; from Thermos bottles to soda cans; from water bottles to mugs up to 3" (8cm) in diameter. By moving beverages off the table, the Vector Cupholder also delivers the added benefit of freeing up “real estate” on cramped work surfaces like coffeehouse tables and airplane trays. The investment in the Vector Cupholder is certainly less than the cost and hassle of getting cappuccino out from under a keyboard.


Plug-up International's Kliije Authentikator for FIDO

With its new Kliije Authentikator for FIDO UAF USB token solution, Plug-up International seeks to demonstrate how high-security USB consumer products that are compliant with the FIDO Alliance standards can be built for minimal added cost. The FIDO Alliance seeks to change the nature of on-line authentication through mechanisms that reduce reliance on passwords. Plug-up says that the Authentikator's unique USB Smartcard form factor “provides stronger security to desktop, laptop and portable devices in a universal, fun and portable way”. Plug-up is a member of the FIDO Alliance.


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