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Bitwig Studio

Bitwig recently announced innovations complementary to Bitwig Studio, a dynamic software solution for music creation and performance to realize one's musical ideas at every stage of production. The first innovation is the new Community Controllers section of the application's Web site, which is dedicated to Bitwig Studio's capabilities for deep integration with just about any hardware controller. This integration is possible due to the Bitwig Open Conroller API, an open-source JavaScript platform allowing virtually anyone to create, share and collaborate on powerful controller scripts. A wide range of controllers already are available, ranging from those containing only a few knobs or buttons to elaborate keyboards with motorized faders, colored pads, rotary encoders with LEDs and color displays. A related innovation is the new Community Controllers Library, an archive of the latest controller scripts from the Bitwig Community. Bitwig users already have begun hacking, modifying and creating control scripts from scratch, collaborating with others and sharing their work. The two repositories are destined to open a wide range of new integration possibilities with Bitwig Studio.


Glacier Computer Fusion 7

Glacier Computer believes that its new Fusion 7 Rugged Android Tablet is the device that will cause the industrial marketplace to embrace the Android platform and all of its advantages fully. The Fusion 7 extends the Glacier Computer product line of rugged industrial PCs—including rugged tablets, portable hand-held devices and fixed mounted data collection computers—that typically are used in harsh industrial environments where a standard PC cannot survive. Glacier states that the Fusion 7 is compact, light and feature-rich, enabling businesses and their mobile users to add efficiencies throughout the operation while providing a capital asset with an extended useful life and a superior ROI. The Fusion 7 combines the advanced power management and memory management capabilities of Android enabling more than one million applications to run on the typically rugged Glacier device. To ease transition to the new OS, Glacier is collaborating with The Allen Group and SOTI, which will enable broader adoption of the Android OS within the traditional Windows environments of the industrial marketplace.


CloudMask's Secure Data Masking for Governments

Governments have unique needs and security requirements, and any loss of confidentiality in government affairs can have far-reaching consequences. To meet these needs, CloudMask has unveiled a Secure Data Masking for Governments solution. The new offering brings the security, performance and scalability of the enterprise-class SaaS CloudMask solution to fulfill the requirements of governments. CloudMask elaborates that its advanced masking technology “neutralizes the risks of data breaches by enabling users to apply end-to-end (E2E) encryption and tokenization to their data. This occurs at the moment of creation, and data remains protected throughout its lifecycle. This is a very different approach from existing solutions that encrypt data while it is in transit and/or at-storage, while leaving it exposed during server processing.” No VPN, encryption gateway or any other hardware encryption devices are required. The CloudMask solution has been evaluated by the Canadian Federal Government for integration with its security infrastructure and currently is going through Common Criteria Certification to meet the security certification required to operate with governments in 26 countries.


BitRock's InstallBuilder

No matter what OS you throw at it, the BitRock's InstallBuilder packaging and deployment platform can help you build a cross-platform installer for it. InstallBuilder, now in version 9, is a development tool for creating cross-platform installers, native packages, DVDs and CD-ROMs. It provides an intuitive graphical development environment, making it easy to learn and use, and an XML-based project format that allows for collaborative development, version control and integration with automated build and test environments. From one project file and build environment, developers can build installers for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, IBM iSeries and pSeries and other platforms. The latest version enables the creation of cross-platform installers up to 25% faster and 20% smaller than previous versions. HTML license support, a feature previously available only for Qt, is now available for all InstallBuilder users.


Omnibond Systems' acilos

What is the most logical anagram of “acilos”? It's “social”, of course, and social media is what Omnibond Systems' acilos is all about. More precisely, acilos is a so-called personal social-media valet, a personal Web application that helps users aggregate, filter, customize and send updates to social-media feeds from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram—all in a single, simple interface. The free and open-source acilos grew out of an internal need at Omnibond to deal with the sheer volume of social-media content. The resulting tool was acilos, and due to Omnibond's commitment to the Open Source community, the company decided to share acilos with the rest of the world. Now acilos' source is fully accessible and open for contributors to help develop the next levels of personal social interaction and to add their preferred social-media accounts. acilos is available at GitHub, Amazon Web Services and the application's Web site.


Jordan Tigani and Siddartha Naidu's Google BigQuery Analytics (Wiley)

Do you want to be an expert in Google BigQuery and the BigQuery API? Your tutors to reach that goal are authors Jordan Tigani and Siddartha Naidu, who have penned the new Wiley book title Google BigQuery Analytics. The book's contents demonstrate how to use BigQuery effectively, avoid common mistakes and execute sophisticated queries against large data sets. Targeted at business and data analysts who want the latest tips on running complex queries and writing code to communicate with the BigQuery API, the book uses real-world examples to demonstrate current best practices and techniques. Other covered topics include explaination and demonstration of streaming ingestion, transformation via Hadoop in Google Compute engine, AppEngine datastore integration and using GViz with Tableau to generate charts of query results. In addition to the mechanics of BigQuery, the book also covers the architecture of the underlying Dremel query engine, providing a thorough understanding that leads to better query results. A companion Web site includes all code and data sets from the book.


CA Technologies' CA arcserve Unified Data Protection

The upgraded CA arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) is so transformative, says IT solution provider CA Technologies, that it renders “point solutions” for backup and recovery obsolete. The company describes CA arcserve UDP as an easy-to-use solution providing cost-effective backup and “Assured Recovery” across mixed IT environments, helping businesses boost the availability of critical systems. The key selling point for the new version is simplicity, reducing the cost and complexity of deploying multiple point solutions. A new unified architecture and recovery point server drive a full range of highly efficient data protection capabilities for physical and virtual environments through a simple, Web-based user console. CA arcserve UDP provides more than 30 new marquee features to give businesses and service providers precise and flexible functionality to meet stringent service-level and recovery objectives. The solution comes in five editions so that customers buy just the right level of protection, all of which support Linux, UNIX and Microsoft Windows systems.


Hazelcast Enterprise

On the same day that Larry Ellison announced Oracle's In-Memory Computing strategy, the company Hazelcast announced Hazelcast Enterprise, the company's own commercial In-Memory Computing solution. Hazelcast provides a radically different vision of In-Memory Computing driven by open-source, commodity hardware and open standards. Hazelcast is a leading open-source In-Memory Data Grid and is available under the Apache software license. Meanwhile, Hazelcast Enterprise extends the open-source Hazelcast core with commercial features and is a commercially licensed software offering. The features in the enterprise offering that extend the Hazelcase open core include .NET and C++ clients, off-heap memory, improved Web sessions, Tomcat 6 and 7 Web sessions clustering, WAN copy, WAN replication to enterprise and improved security. Hazelcast itself also features the “Stabilizer”, a sophisticated stress and load-testing system for ensuring the reliability of production-scale grid systems.


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