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James Gray

Issue #267, July 2016

SUSE Enterprise Storage

The conundrum for many enterprise-level businesses is that the demand for data storage is significantly outpacing the shrinking price for storage. The upshot for many is that budgets for storage are growing faster than data demands. Fortunately SUSE wants to reduce your storage costs, which is why it released the new SUSE Enterprise Storage 3. SUSE's updated intelligent software-defined storage solution is touted as the first commercially supported solution based on the Jewel release of CephFS, which enables enterprises to transform storage infrastructure to reduce costs while providing unlimited scalability. SUSE Enterprise Storage users can transform their storage infrastructure and seamlessly adapt new technologies using cost-efficient, resilient and redundant storage infrastructures on commodity hardware. Other innovations in version 3 include multisite object replication to ensure replication at distance for improved disaster recovery and a new framework to simplify management by providing the foundation for an advanced GUI management tool (using openATTIC).


SourceClear's Commit Watcher

Someone accidentally commits private AWS keys to an open-source project and ends up handing candy to a bitcoin miner. Once committed, these secrets are easily discoverable through GitHub Search, which makes this accidental disclosure additionally dangerous. To combat this and other threats to safe use of open source, Source Clear announced Commit Watcher, a recently open-sourced tool that finds interesting and potentially hazardous commits—both accidental credential leaks and undisclosed security patches. The tool addresses two critical categories of issues found among open-source software that by nature are disclosed publicly but are also largely unknown. These are accidental disclosure of sensitive information (SSH keys, AWS credentials and so on) and security patches for vulnerabilities that are not explicitly disclosed. Companies can watch their own projects, public and private, for accidental disclosures and take remedial action as soon as possible. Commit Watcher is further backed by a comprehensive vulnerability database, SourceClear Registry, and complements SourceClear Open in the arsenal of products SourceClear has designed specifically for open-source developers.


Juniper Systems' Geode

Juniper Systems' new Geode rugged sub-meter GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver collects real-time professional-grade data but is intuitive enough for novices. Designed foremost for versatility, the Geode features one-button simplicity and can be paired with any of Juniper Systems' rugged handhelds as well as a wide range of Android devices. The Geode features a small, compact design and can be carried conveniently by hand or in a pack or mounted on a pole, depending on specific user requirements. Like other Juniper Systems' products, the Geode is built to Juniper Rugged standards and IP68-rated protection against dust and water for reliable performance in harsh environments. The receiver features an Overtime Technology battery for all-day power and a wide operating temperature range (very low and high), even conserving power in low temperatures.


illusive networks' Deceptions Everywhere

illusive networks' bread and butter is its deception cybersecurity technology called Deceptions Everywhere whose approach is to neutralize targeted attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats by creating a deceptive layer across the entire network. By providing an endless source of false information, illusive networks disrupts and detects attacks with real-time forensics and without disruption to business. The latest illusive networks release is enhanced with Linux support, Advanced Forensics and Highly Interactive Deceptions to distract attackers from their targets further. The new forensics dashboard provides laser-focused forensics illuminating the minutes before, during and after an attack. illusive enables defenders to focus on high-quality information (as opposed to trudging through terabytes of data) and generate the report in real time.


Contrast Security's Contrast Enterprise

The phrase with which Contrast Security describes the one-of-a-kind protection provided by the new Contrast Enterprise is “continuous application security”. By this, Contrast Security means that Contrast Enterprise is “The first and only enterprise security software product that fully integrates the ability to find and fix application vulnerabilities during development, and monitor and block application attacks in production, all within one unified environment.” Contrast Security points out that these two capabilities heretofore were available only in partially integrated solutions at best or siloed products from partnering vendors at worst. Meanwhile, Contrast Enterprise uses patented deep security instrumentation to weave vulnerability detection, threat visibility and attack protection directly into applications automatically, without requiring application changes or security experts. While these applications are running, highly accurate context is instantly generated about where applications are vulnerable and under attack. Contrast Security calls its approach “a revolution in application security for traditional development approaches, as well as for Agile and DevOps methodologies”.


Jose Dieguez Castro's Introduction to Linux Distros (Apress)

Although Linux always has been a diverse ecosystem, once upon a time, just a handful of Linux distributions, or distros, existed. Do you recall Yggrasil, Trans-Ameritech and the original S.u.S.E. (which begat SuSE, SUSE and openSUSE)? Today, literally hundreds of Linux flavors exist, each with its own unique offerings. How do you choose the right one for you and your needs? A new book called Introduction to Linux Distros by Jose Dieguez Castro explores the pros and cons of the most frequently used Linux distributions in a concise step-by-step manner, so users can avoid hours of web surfing, countless downloads and ample confusion by new concepts and complex and marathon installation guides. Readers will benefit from the author's long-term experience working hands-on with each distro. In the book, Dieguez Castro also discusses the idea of a Linux “distro” and why so many exist, the criteria for finding the right distro for one's needs, the various Linux “family trees” and their unique “philosophies”, as well as how to install, maintain and obtain support for each distro.



An IT megatrend in progress involves the shift from legacy monolithic apps running on enterprise storage to systems of engagement that interact with users, collect real-time data from many sources and store it in elastic and shared data services. A self-described “disruptive” enterprise seeking to push this vision forward is iguaz.io, which recently announced a virtualized data services architecture for revolutionizing both private and public clouds. In contrast to the current siloed approach, iguaz.io consolidates data into a high-volume, real-time data repository that virtualizes and presents it as streams, messages, files, objects or data records. All data types are stored consistently on different memory or storage tiers, and popular application frameworks (Hadoop, ELK, Spark or Docker containers) are accelerated. In addition to a 10x to 100x improvement in time to insights at lower costs, iguaz.io says that its architecture provides best-in-class data security based on a real-time classification engine, a critical need for data sharing among users and business units.


NordVPN for Android

The prospect of privacy protection and occulting your smartphone's IP address with a VPN are sufficient selling points, but the ability to watch your Spanish-dubbed Turkish telenovellas while on the beach in Tahiti should seal the deal for real. Better security and access to geo-blocked content are part and parcel of NordVPN, a new Android app designed to bring VPN (Virtual Private Network) services to a larger public with its simplicity to set up and use. NordVPN says that its apps have received wide acclaim from critics and users for their “breakthrough usability and design”. The app can connect to the desired destination quickly by simply clicking on the country name, as it automatically selects the fastest server available. Additional NordVPN features include service on up to six devices with one account, a choice of more than 550 servers worldwide, 24/7 customer support, an automated kill switch, integrated access to SmartPlay (an encrypted SmartDNS), double VPN, Tor over VPN, anti-DdoS, Ultra Fast TV Servers, a Netflix shortcut and more.


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