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5. PL/Vision Package Specifications

Common Package Elements
p: a DBMS_OUTPUT Substitute
PLV: Top-Level Constants and Functions
PLVcase: PL/SQL Code Conversion
PLVcat: PL/SQL Code Cataloguing
PLVchr: Operations on Single Characters
PLVcmt: Commit Processing
PLVddd: DDL Syntax Dump
PLVdyn: Dynamic SQL Operations
PLVexc: Exception Handling
PLVfile: Operating System I/O Manager
PLVfk: Foreign Key Interface
PLVgen: PL/SQL Code Generator
PLVhlp: Online Help Architechture
PLVio: Input/Output Processing
PLVlex: Lexical Analysis
PLVlog: Logging Facility
PLVlst: List Manager
PLVmsg: Message Handling
PLVobj: Object Interface
PLVprs: String Parsing
PLVprsps: PL/SQL Source Code Parsing
PLVrb: Rollback Processing
PLVstk: Stack Manager
PLVtab: Table Interface
PLVtkn: Token Table Interface
PLVtmr: Program Performance Analyzer
PLVtrc: Trace Facility
PLVvu: Code and Error Viewing

This chapter pulls together all the specifications of the packages of PL/Vision. Organized in alphabetical order by package name, these specifications give you the basic information you need to know to call the PL/Vision programs properly in your own applications.

5.1 Common Package Elements

In providing online help, all of the PL/Vision packages take advantage of the PLVhlp utility. This is accomplished by including a help procedure in each package; the header of this procedure is as follows:

PROCEDURE help (topic_in IN VARCHAR2 := NULL)

You can therefore obtain "top-level" help for any documented package in PL/Vision via the following command (where PLVpkg is the name of the package):

SQL> exec

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