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PL/Vision Package Specifications
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5.7 PLVcmt: Commit Processing

The PLVcmt (PL/Vision CoMmiT) package provides a programmatic interface to the execution of commits, rollbacks, and the setting of savepoints. See Chapter 20, PLVcmt and PLVrb: Commit and Rollback Processing for details.

5.7.1 Controlling commit activity

PROCEDURE turn_on;

Enables commit processing in PLVcmt. This is the default.

PROCEDURE turn_off;

Disables commit processing in PLVcmt. When this program is called in the current session, the COMMIT statement will not be executed.


Returns TRUE if commit processing is being performed by PLVcmt.

5.7.2 Logging commit activity


Requests that, whenever a COMMIT is performed, a message be sent to the PL/Vision log.


Do not log a message with the COMMIT.


Returns TRUE if currently logging the fact that a commit was performed by PLVcmt.

5.7.3 Performing commits

PROCEDURE increment_and_commit (context_in IN VARCHAR2 := NULL);

Increments the counter and commits if a commit point has been reached.

PROCEDURE perform_commit(context_in IN VARCHAR := NULL);

The PLVcmt package's version of COMMIT. I could probably get away with calling this program commit, but I avoid using keywords even when the compiler doesn't seem to get confused.

5.7.4 Managing the commit counter

PROCEDURE commit_after (count_in IN INTEGER);

Sets the break point at which a commit is performed. In other words, when the package-based counter reaches the specified number, issue a COMMIT. The default is to commit after the counter reaches 1.

PROCEDURE init_counter;

Initializes the PLVcmt counter referenced by the increment_and_commit program to perform incremental commits.

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