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External Procedures
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21.6 External Procedure Housekeeping

Here are some not-so-obvious bits of information that will assist you in creating, debugging, and managing external procedures.

21.6.1 Data Dictionary

There are only a handful of entries in the data dictionary that help manage external procedures. As we have mentioned elsewhere, although Table 21.2 gives the USER_ version of the dictionary table, note that there are corresponding entries for DBA_ and ALL_.

Table 21.2: Data Dictionary Views for External Procedures

To Answer the Question...

Use This View

As In

What libraries have I created?


  FROM user_libraries;

What packages depend on library foo?


  FROM user_dependencies
 WHERE referenced_name = 'FOO';

What is the source code for the spec of my PL/SQL package "bar" that calls the library?


  FROM user_source
 WHERE name = 'BAR'
   AND type = 'PACKAGE'
 ORDER BY line;

What is the source code for my PL/SQL package body named bar that calls the library?


 FROM user_source
WHERE name = 'BAR'
ORDER BY line;

21.6.2 Rules and Warnings About External Procedures

As with almost all things PL/SQL, external procedures come with an obligatory list of cautions:

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