by Josh Beggs and Dylan Thede
ISBN 1-56592-353-7
First edition, published January 2001.
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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: The Art of Sound Design
Chapter 2: The Science of Sound and Digital Audio
Chapter 3: Capturing Original Source Material
Chapter 4: Optimizing Your Sound Files
Chapter 5: Introduction to Streaming Media
Chapter 6: Encoding, Serving, and Streaming Sound with RealAudio
Chapter 7: Designing Multimedia Presentations with SMIL and RealSystem G2
Chapter 8: Playing, Serving, and Streaming MP3
Chapter 9: Interactive Sound Design with Flash and Shockwave
Chapter 10: MIDI: Quick and Easy Audio for the Web
Chapter 11: Designing Audio Web Sites with Beatnik
Appendix A: Creating the Ultimate Web Sound Studio: Buyers Guide and Web Resources
Appendix B: Audio Format Comparison
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