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Linux Journal Issue #42/October 1997


Literate Programming Using Noweb  by Andrew Johnson and Brad Johnson
An introduction to Noweb, a tool designed to aid the programmer in producing understandable and easy to maintain code.
Remote Procedure Calls in Linux  by Ed Petron
An introduction to this vital software development technique.
Xmotd: Writing Free Software  by Luis Fernandes
This message-of-the-day browser was written to ease the burden of the local system administrator.
Portability and Power with the F Programming Language  by Walt Brainerd, David Epstein and Dick Hendrickson
The authors combine over forty years of language-design committee experience to create the world's most portable, yet efficient, powerful, yet simple programming language.

News & Articles

Setting up a SPARCstation  by John Little
LJ Interviews Thomas Roell  by Marjorie Richardson
PostScript: The Forgotten Art of Programming  by Hans DeVreught
Linux and the Alpha  by David Mosberger


Product Review   SpellCaster DataCommute/BRI ISDN Adaptor  by Jay Painter
Book Review   Internet Programming with Python  by Dwight Johnson
Book Review   Unix Programming Tools  by Andrew L. Johnson
Book Review   Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment  by David Bausum
Book Review   Apache: The Definitive Guide  by Luca Cott Ramusino


Linux as an Internet Kiosk  by Kevin McCormick
At the Forge   Integrating SQL with CGI, Part 1  by Reuven Lerner


Letters to the Editor  
From the Publisher   Internet Changes/Linux Changes  by Phil Hughes
Stop the Presses   What Price High-Performance I/O?  by Phil Hughes
Linux Apprentice   DDD—The Data Display Debugger  by Shay Rojansky
Take Command   cat  by Patrick Hill
Linux Means Business   Grundig TV-Communications  by Ted Kenney
New Products  
System Administration   Pgfs: The PostGres File System  by Brian Bartholomew
Kernel Korner   Kernel-Level Exception Handling  by Joerg Pommnitz
Linux Gazette   The Dotfile Generator  by Jesper K Pedersen
Best of Technical Support  
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