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Linux Journal Issue #118/February 2004


LAMP Development at Public Sector Web Sites  by Tom Adelstein
Government IT staff and open-source consultants are keeping public information open and accessible—and saving tax money too.
The REDACLE Work-Flow Management System  by Giovanni Organtini and Luciano M. Barone
To build a product with 500,000 parts, you need an enterprise-class work-flow management system.
Magnatune, an Open Music Experiment  by John Buckman
Even if you're not reinventing the music business, what can you do to help your Web site help customers?
DIY-IT: How Linux and Open Source Are Bringing Do-It-Yourself to Information Technology  by Doc Searls
A new balance of power in the IT market is giving customers control of their own information destinies.


Improving Perl Application Performance  by Bruce W. Lowther
Get the most performance improvement for the least work.
Asterisk Open-Source PBX System  by Brett Schwarz
Integrate land lines and VoIP on your company phone system.
A Guided Tour of Ethereal  by Brad Hards
Troubleshoot your network and check security.
LinuxBIOS at Four  by Ronald G. Minnich
Will your favorite OS be your new favorite BIOS too?


Driving Me Nuts I2C Drivers, Part II  by Greg Kroah-Hartman


Kernel Korner   I/O Schedulers  by Robert Love
Cooking with Linux   The Customer Is Always Served  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   Seven Top Security Tools  by Mick Bauer


EOF   Linux vs. SCO—A Foregone Conclusion  by Jim Ready


AstroFlowGuard Appliance  by Jose Nazario
UNIX Systems Programming: Communication, Concurrency and Theory  by Ibrahim Haddad


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