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Linux Journal Issue #119/March 2004


Delivering Effective Presentations with OpenOffice.org's Impress  by Rob Reilly
Make a professional case for your next Linux project.
Eleven Tips for Moving to OpenOffice.org  by Bruce Byfield
Switching office suites is easier than it looks.
Renaissance: a Cross-Platform Development Tool for Linux and Mac OS X  by Ludovic Marcotte
Use this XML-based tool to build the same software on Linux and Mac OS X.
The OASIS Standard for Office Documents: How All Users and Developers Can Benefit  by Marco Fioretti
Lock-in is so 20th-century. A common file format lets apps compete on features and ease of use.
Getting the Most from XMMS with Plugins  by Dave Phillips
The standard Linux music player has some little-known but powerful features.


Manipulating OOo Files with Ruby  by James Britt
XML and Ruby let your scripts and your office suite handle the same files.
GUI Scripting with Tcl/Tk  by Derek Fountain
Get an interface working quickly with the old-school tool for rapid app development.
Building Panoramic Images in The GIMP  by Andrew Burton
Show off a giant view of your next vacation spot with some careful shooting and this powerful photo tool.
Designing Tip Windows  by Hugh Fisher
Use effective tips to teach users your application without annoying them.
Fast Convenient Mail for Travel: OfflineIMAP  by John Goerzen
Get the reliability of server-side mail with the speed of local folders.


Power Management in Linux-Based Systems  by Srivatsa Vaddagiri, Anand K. Santhanam, Vijay Sukthankar and Murali Iyer
How the kernel makes your laptop battery outlast your next flight.


At the Forge   Bricolage Templates  by Reuven M. Lerner
Kernel Korner   What's New in the 2.6 Scheduler  by Rick Lindsley
Cooking with Linux   Can't Get Enough Desktops!  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   Application Proxying with Zorp, Part I  by Mick Bauer


Linux for Suits   The Fracturing Desktop  by Doc Searls
EOF   Lest We Forget, Why Open Source Wins  by Chris DiBona


Linux Power Tools  by Suresh Krishnan
EmperorLinux Meteor Notebook  by Tony Steidler-Dennison


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