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Linux Journal Issue #134/June 2005


Database Replication with Slony-I  by Ludovic Marcotte
Move up to a highly available cluster without leaving behind the open-source database you trust.
Modeling the Brain with NCS and Brainlab  by Rich Drewes
Maybe the “neural networks” of Computer Science aren't so “neural” after all. This project takes the simulation one step closer to the brain.
Squid-Based Traffic Control and Management System  by Tagir K. Bakirov and Vladimir G. Kozlov
Demanding users and tight network budgets mean it's time for this university to flexible accounting system for Internet use.
Constructing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4  by Tim Burke
You could hardly recognize Red Hat's “2.4” kernel for all the 2.6 features. Now the story is different.


Reading File Metadata with extract and libextractor  by Christian Grothoff
Where are the 400x200 PNG images I worked on in March? This system offers the answer.
Converting e-Books to Open Formats  by Marco Fioretti
Regular books don't depend on one device—why shouldn't e-books be convenient to read anywhere too?
One-Click Release Management  by Jake Davis
Fixing a bug, checking the fix into revision control, and pushing the change to the live site can all be an integrated system.


Real-Time and Performance Improvements in the 2.6 Linux Kernel  by William von Hagen
The Linux multimedia experience is smoother these days, thanks to advances in coding and benchmarking.


At the Forge   Dynamically Generated Calendars  by Reuven M. Lerner
Kernel Korner   ATA over Ethernet: Putting Hard Drives on the LAN  by Ed L. Cashin
Cooking with Linux   L'Intranet Originale  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   Securing Your WLAN with WPA and FreeRADIUS, Part III  by Mick Bauer


Linux for Suits   Schooling IT  by Doc Searls
EOF   Why I Don't Worry about SCO, and Never Did  by Chris DiBona


Open Source Solutions for Small Business Problems  by Stephen Haywood
PHP 5 Power Programming  by Chris McAvoy
Knoppix Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tools  by Jeffrey Bianchine


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