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The CD

Linda Walsh
Project Manager
Ellie Cutler
Technical Development and Tools
Erik Ray
Graphics and Design
Ellie Volckhausen, Emma Colby
Production and Testing
Kate Briggs, John Chodacki, Ellie Cutler, Greg Dickerson,
Julie Drouin, Paul LaBrier, Chris Olson, Madeleine Newell, Chris Valdez
CD-ROM Search Engine
QuestAgent Pro version 4.0.9 from JObjects.

The Books

TCP/IP Network Administration, 3rd Edition
Craig Hunt
SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide
Daniel J. Barrett and Richard E. Silverman
Managing NFS and NIS, 2nd Edition
Hal Stern, Mike Eisler and Ricardo Labiaga
Essential SNMP
Doug Mauro and Kevin J. Schmidt
Network Troubleshooting Tools
Joseph D. Sloan
DNS and Bind, 4th Edition
Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu
Building Internet Firewalls, 2nd Edition
Elizabeth B. Zwicky, Simon Cooper and D. Brent Chapman

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